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Kim Duncan Designs - Wedding & Reception FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about our wedding and reception event design services. If your question isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us

What is the difference between a planner and a designer?

An event planner focuses on the logistics and flow of an event, - timelines, budge management, vendor coordination, and all the details to help your day go off with out a hitch.

An event designer is responsible for creating the overall atmosphere and ambiance of an event. This includes everything from lighting, rental selection, linens, floral, stationary-bringing your vision to life.

What if my venue already has a coordinator, why should I hire you?

A venue coordinator’s main job is to make sure all rules and regulations of the venue are being followed.  They are the main contact for the venue, but not necessarily there for you.  They are the liaison between you and your vendors.  They however are not responsible for setting up your tables or managing your timeline for the days events.  They are not an event coordinator or a designer.

How many hours do you put into each event?

A typical event from start to finish is anywhere from 100 – 180 hours worth of work.  This includes but is not limited to meetings, phone calls, emails, rental coordination and revisions, decor sourcing and shopping floor plan design, place card design, set up, day of and break down of event.

Why hire a professional team instead of having my friends and family help?

Everyone wants to help you on the day of your wedding because they love you and want to be apart of helping make your day special.  What they don’t know is that the average set up time for a wedding reception is 8-10 hours the day before the wedding (when rentals, tents, tables, and chairs are all delivered) and 10-12 hours the day of the wedding (to set tables, add all details and decor, and break down all equipment and decor at the end of the celebration - which usually takes 2-4 hours).  You want those folks to be there enjoying your day with you, not working it.  Another hard but important factor to consider is you do not want to be disappointed with your day if your friends and family don’t execute your ideas the way you wanted or if the end result is not what you had in mind.  The last thing you should be thinking at the end of your wedding day is that you wish you would have hired a professional to help perfect all the details. 

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